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Master Byron Mott

The journey begins in summer of 1997 in the state of New Jersey

at World Class Martial Arts. The founders of this Martial Arts

Academy is Grandmaster Soi Yoon, and operated by Master

Richard Perry. World Class Martial Arts is a traditional Korean TKD

school whom specialized in Olympic style training.

During this training process I began to advance in traditional

katas, weapons, self defense, along with trick kicks. As for the

competition side, the official Olympic style rules and regulation

was mastered for Olympic TKD competition. As a Olympic style

fighter I was able to win many awards from the in house

competitive organizations as well as the Olympic circuit

organizations.  In the year 2000, I tested and received my Black

Belt in World Class Martial Arts TKD. Now my role has changed

from student to Instructor. During this instructional period

I was able to harness and develop a better teaching principal for

the arts and school requirements. In 2002 just shy of receiving
my 2nd dan, I relocated the State of Texas. Now in a new state

with a new family, I continued my training for 4 years as a private

lesson instructor to the local residents within my community.

During this time frame I had the privilege of meeting a gentleman by the name of Master Paul. I did some
research and found his teaching philosophy was much in line with my own. I decided to enroll my
children into his program to see if his philosophy was impactful much like the one I came from. After
1.5 years I was impressed and spoke with Master Paul about myself enrolling. In 2007 I officially
enrolled in Master Pauls Martial Arts.


A new journey begins. Master Pauls Martial Arts is a Tae Kwon Do school who specialized in the
Japanese art form. This Philosophy was guided by Grand Master James Stevens. In 2011 after
learning, as well as instructing in the Master Pauls Martial Arts system, I was tested by Master Paul
for my Black Belt. With this new honor I was awarded the privilege to teach the Master Pauls Martial
Arts system, to the outside school programs. This opportunity also granted me the privilege to judge
and couch school students in AOK as well as NBL competition tournaments.


Tragically in late 2013 the Martial Arts world lost an instructor and friend. Master Paul Martial Arts
now lost its master, leadership, and school. As one of three Master Pauls Martial Arts Black Belts, I
felt it was a privilege and my duty to continue the work Master Paul had given the world.


The journey continues. In 2014 Master Pauls Martial Arts re-opened under new leadership and a new
name. Today MPMA Sport Karate Academy exists to honor the teachings of Master Paul. As the
Owner and Instructor MPMA Sport Karate, the training method of TKD and its philosophy can
continue. In 2013 MPMA Sport Karate has proudly joined forces with Team PTKO who operates and
compliments why martial arts is still in good hands. THE JOURNEY CONTINUES!


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