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Sheray Reese

Sheray was born on April 21st, 1994 to Anthony and Ruby Reese

in Angleton, Texas.  


Sheray had multiple interests growing up,

due to her older brothers, and was a very active soul. It started

off with ballet at the age of 5. Dancing was fun for a few months,

but as children do, she lost interest when she was at her older

brother’s track meet. She saw how fun it was and also saw all

the other children she could possibly meet so she decided that’s

what she wanted to do. So for a while, it was just running. At 7,

she found interest in softball while at her brother’s baseball



So it was softball and track for a while, amongst one of the f

astest on the team, she helped to win numerous games. At the

age of 8, she learned about cheerleading by watching the little

league team that her neighbors were on. Once again, being

amongst the fastest on the team, she enjoyed running during

the warm up at practice and seeing how many of her teammates

she could beat that day. After a while she grew tired of cheering

and all the girly bows as she grew a new interest in basketball.


As a track and field athlete, that and cross country sort of go hand in hand. After her coach suggested distance over sprints, years later, Sheray was introduced to cross country. After finding out that basketball, track and cross country were the right sports for her, at the age of 13 she found an alternative to her gym class called Kickstart.


Joining as a white belt under Master Pettway, she made her way through the ranks while simultaneously becoming like one of his children. Teaching classes, becoming part of the demo team, then eventually coming back after leaving middle school to help out and teach the demo team. During her sophomore year in highschool, she finally had the honor to be one of the first test for her black belt under Master Pettway. After testing through Kickstart, she was introduced into a new system called TKO (Texas Karate Organization).

As a brown belt, “teaching classes” was the name of the game. Left and right, teaching classes for that TKO black belt. Finally, in August of 2010, Sheray was promoted to her first degree under Master Pettway. After being promoted to her second in november of 2012, and her third in August of 2015, Sheray is thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to show what she’s learned in her journey to master rank.


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