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Basic Self-Defense

Gold Belt to Orange Belt



Grabs student by the shoulders from the front


  1. Scream "NO LET ME GO!"

  2. execute double side block to break the hold

  3. execute double front punch to the center of the chest

  4. execute double front kick to the knees or groin

  5. run away

Front Push


Opponent pushes your chest


  1. Step back in fighting stance, left leg forward

  2. Offensive (R Leg) front kick to the groin

  3. step down w/RT foot in the front of opponent 

  4. Back fist (R Fist) to the temple

  5. Reverse punch (L Fist) to solar plexus

  6. cover off (Keya)

Front Bear Hug

Wraps both of their arms around the front of you locking both of your arms down to your side


  1. Step back (R Leg)

  2. Chop to waist with both hands

  3. grab at waist

  4. R knee to groin

  5. R leg back (keep firm hold on opp.)

  6. L elbow to face in a back stance

  7. cover off (Keya)

Front Choke

Grab defender’s neck with both hand from the front


  1. L hand goes between their hand

  2. Join R hand to L (over opp. L arm)

  3. Step back w/Rt leg as you break down with your hands to your Rt side

  4. L back fist to opp. L temple

  5. R hand palm heel to nose

  6. R Leg offensive front kick to groin placing foot back in original position

  7. Cover off (Keya)

Back Bear Hug


Come from behind locking your arms around defender’s body trapping their arms down to their side.



  1. L foot stomp

  2. Drop down into a deep horse stance

  3. Same time thrust elbows up to break hold

  4. R elbow to the solar plexus

  5. L elbow to the solar plexus

  6. R bottom fist to the groin

  7. R back fist to the face

  8. Step out with R leg

  9. Cover off (Keya)

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