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Nicholas Parker

Nicholas Parker’s initial introduction to karate happened very

early in life in the third grade. His friend Rommell Paul Jr. was

being trained by his father the late Master Rommell Paul Sr.

Nicholas began attending class with Rommell however had to

stop after a short time. Though the classes were no longer

happening the young passion continued to flow. The spark for

martial arts was rekindled when Nicholas now in seventh grade

was allowed to take “Kickstart classes” which were martial arts

classes that one would take in replacement of Gym class.

Under the instruction of then third degree black belt Dona’

Pettway Nicholas began his tenure in the study of Tae Kwon Do.

     Through competitions and belt promotions Nicholas

Increased his knowledge of the martial arts until 4 years later

in 2010 he tested for his first degree black belt first through

Chuck Norris’ Kickstart and then 2 months later through

Pettway’s Texas Karate Organization. Both exams were under

the knowledge of and instruction of both Master Pettway as

well as a board of experienced black belts many of whom were

instructors as well. It was the same year of receiving his black

belt that Nicholas received the award of Student of the Year

from his instructor. Shortly after earning his black belt Nicholas gave a speech at one of the fundraising events for Chuck Norris’ Kickstart at a Tennis event held by Grandmaster Chuck Norris and his wife.

     Nicholas traveled around the United States and through Central America in competitions through the National Black Belt League representing Team Kickstart under both his instructor Master Pettway and the “Team Coach” Jason Holmes. Training with Sensei Holmes helped to further expand Nicholas’ understanding of martial arts as well as learning his favorite competition form to this day Koryo. It was with this form that Nicholas won many tournaments throughout the 15-17 division for 2 years. It was not until his final year of being in that division that he won a World Title Belt at the Super Grands World Games in the year 2012. While that was an amazing accomplishment for Nicholas his most cherished prize is the Jamal Hassan award presented to him by his instructor Master Pettway and the co-promoter for the Jam-All Nationals Jason Holmes. This award is held by a select few which are recognized by the pair as exquisitely dedicated to the sport.

     After a successful competition year Nicholas has focused on his college education but has still tested and maintained his martial arts education throughout the years. He is very

excited for the future of Martial arts both as a culture in Houston and as a sport worldwide.


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