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Master Dona` D Pettway Sr.


     Dona` Pettway started martial arts in 1994 at South Post Oak

Baptist Church on the south side of Houston.  He trained under

Mr. Philip Plumber for most of his lower ranks.  Mr. Plumber

instilled a lot of confidence and self-control in him.  He was a

member of Soldiers for Christ Karate Team where he gained

numerous titles as an under belt in local tournaments.  After

achieving his red belt from Mr. Plumber, he allowed Dona` to

train with a well-known respected martial artist George

Minshew and Louis Garcia for the 1997 Super Grands where

Dona` gained his first silver world title for continuous sparring

18+.  Also that year Dona` was Hall of Fame for Texas National

Tour and State Champion in Men’s Continuous Sparring for

1997 and 1998.
    Later Dona` moved to the west side of town and couldn't

continue to train at Mr. Plumber’s so he began to train with the

famous “White Ninja” from the Chuck Norris movie Sidekicks.

A world champion himself, well-known instructor, and has one

of the top schools in Houston, Mr. Wayne Nguyen.  

     In September of 1998 Mr. Nguyen promoted Dona` to his

1st degree Black Belt. Dona` continued to train and teach at Mr. Nguyen’s school Texas Karate Academy for several years after. In 2002 Dona` received his 2nd Dan, and in August of 2005 Dona` received his 3rd Dan in Dallas, Texas from Grandmaster Pat Burleson along with Mr. Nguyen.  Continuing to give back in the Martial Arts, Mr. Pettway Started working for Chuck Norris Kick-Start in 2006 along with fellow Martial Artist to help guide our youth in the right direction. In 2008 Master Nguyen promoted Dona` to 4th Dan. 

     On a quest to do more for himself and his students that he had up and coming, in 2009 Mr. Pettway opened Pettway’s Texas Karate Organization Academy to train and promote his own black belts. The focus of this school is to take good people young or older, and make them well rounded from beginning to end.

     In February of 2012 Mr. Pettway found himself in front of the testing board with Grandmaster Pat Burleson once again where he gain the honor and became a Master rank Black Belt. 

     Now at 5th Dan Master Rank and School owner, Master Pettway has been teaching and promoting his own Black Belts. His first 3 Black Belts in 2010, Douglas Cyril, Nicholas Parker, and Sheray Reese still continue to teach and train at PTKO with Master Pettway. 

     The most recent accomplishment that Master Pettway has achieved is completing his final physical test in Tae Kwon Do and receiving his 6th Dan from Grandmaster Burleson.  What makes this one special to him is he was promoted with now Grandmaster Nguyen who received his 8th Dan and his own students Douglas, Nicholas, Sheray, and Rebekah Cornelius who received their 4th Dan.


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