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Dona` Devon Pettway Jr.

     My dad started teaching me karate when I was 4 years old. 

When I was little, I was interested in karate so I figured I would 

start a journey in Martial Arts.  Once I really got into karate, I

wanted to compete in tournaments and grow.  When I started

competing, I realized how hard I had to train if I wanted to get

better.  So I did!  When I started winning tournaments, my passion

grew more for the sport.  I started going to State and National

tournaments.  It was always hard for me being the smallest but I

continued to work.  I started competing on The Amateur

Organization of Karate (AOK), TKO League, and The National Black

Belt League.  I then met Master Hakim Walker who started

pushing me harder than I had ever trained.  And still train with

him this day!  I also started training with Mr. Willie Hicks and

Christopher Robinson who had me up early in the morning on

Sundays and even when we just finished a tournament we were

back on the mat the next day.  These guys really pushed me past

my limits just like my dad who they also were friends and training

partners. My dad had faith in me, saw my hard work, and allowed

me to compete as a Black Belt even though I wasn’t yet.  He

wanted me to challenge myself even more.   Soon after, all the

hard work paid off as I won a 3rd Place world title in Jr. Black Belt Sparring 11 and under 66 lbs- at Super Grands World Games in North Carolina. This was very special to me because my dad won a World Title that year as well in his division.  As I continue to grow it is a challenge each day.  Karate means a lot to me and I thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am today.  I am Blessed and grateful for who I have become through Martial Arts.


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